Thursday, May 8, 2014

Steven Adams' Gold Tooth Is GANGSTER

This gold tooth just put the rest of the NBA on notice. It's common sense not to mess around with a cat who sports a gold tooth. Also common sense not to mess with a dude who is 7ft and built like a truck, but certainly not one with a gold tooth.

You know, I pretty much already tabbed Damien Lillard as my favorite player in the league, especially after that game winner the other night. But now that I saw Steven Adams' fake tooth... well he's supplanted D Lil. No question about it.

We see a lot of fashion in the NBA, but this really does take the cake. Ol Russy gets all of the attention on the Thunder because he wears blankets and other rags to his press conferences but Adams is straight GLEAMIN. Shine on player!

PS- Who does this remind me of... who does this remind me of... OH THAT'S RIGHT:


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