Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free Josh Gordon!

     FREE THIS MAN. Is it possible to impeach Roger Goodell yet? Christ! We all had to sit and watch this buffoon during the draft shake hands with Marvin "my gun shoots people but I don't" Harrison, while Ray "I preach about God and values but also kill people" Lewis analyzed players he's never watched. That's all well and good, but hey, don't you bring that stinky herbal essence into my league! Gordon smoked pot, somebody call the FDA!
     Can we let this man live mas for once? Rapelisberger stuffed a turkey in a dirty bathroom stall. Favre sent some underwhelming hog pics to a sideline reporter. Ray Rice gave his fiancé the ole Chris Brown treatment. Donte Stallworth ran over some granddad while sippin on gin and juice. And here's Josh Gordon being a normal rich young guy trying to get his relaxation on but nope, Sith Lord Goodell over here is about to sit his ass down for the year.

     Maybe I'm the only one who's getting fired up about this. Maybe I'm biased because I love watching this guy torch defenses. But is anyone actually offended that this guy smokes in the offseason...and maybe sips a little sizzurp on the side? Goodell just needs to stick with what he does best - coming up with absurdly bad ideas. Gordon is just a peaceful guy trying to have some 'far out' conversations with his homies. Give peace a chance Rogah.

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