Monday, May 12, 2014

Rick Reilly Continuing To Be Absurd

The Binge has been resurrected after a 2 year hiatus or however long it's been but one constant remains: Rick Reilly writing articles that piss me off. The only thing more perplexing than his jibberish is the fact that ESPN continues to employ him and feature his drivel.

His latest junk comes today. He wrote an article explaining how you can judge an athlete's (man's) character by the way he tips. Shut up, Rick. Just shut up. And honestly, this is a command for everyone out there who thinks you can tell a lot about a person by the way he tips to shut the hell up as well.

He applauds the likes of Tamba Hali for leaving a $1,300 tip on a $1,530 tab but crucifies Tiger Woods because apparently he's cheap. Don't get me wrong, Tiger seems like a cheap prick... but he's also the most dominant golfer of all time. He can do whatever the hell he pleases. Drive balls a country mile, not tip, sleep with legitimate prostitutes... whatever. It's a terrible argument though because Reilly literally only includes Woods and Scottie Pippen. It really just seemed like a hate article against Tiger and he decided to sprinkle in Scottie at the end just so it didn't sound too unbalanced.

But that's just it... it is unbalanced. Notice he doesn't say anything about Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell. I bet Vince was a great tipper and I bet JaMarcus left tips fatter than both his butt cheeks. But we crucify these morons because they don't understand the value of money and they just piss it all away at the club or at a high end restaurant like TGI Fridays.

Hey Reilly, you know how rich people stay rich? By not farting away $200 just because they can. Seriously, you ever seen Broke?

But here is my fundamental issue with dummies like Reilly. These are the type of guys that think people in the service industry should be tipped just because they can chew gum and breathe simultaneously.

Look, I understand that many waiters and drivers make their cash from tips and don't get me wrong, I tip. But there's this troubling trend that people in the service industry can literally do whatever they want and us patrons are supposed to tip handsomely and not get upset at garbage service.

Like we've all seen those ridiculous BuzzFeed articles explaining the 25 reasons why being a waiter sucks and it's always the customers fault. Apparently I can't get bitter at the waitress because my food took an hour to get to my table.

I'm still supposed to tip a healthy amount even though my drink order was wrong because the waiter decided they were gonna impress me by memorizing my order instead of just writing it down. Enough. If you give me, at the very least, decent service... WHICH IS EXPECTED BTW... then you will get tipped the proper amount.

Reilly can spare me with the whole: "oh these athletes are super rich so they should tip a huge amount." Meanwhile he'll be the same hypocrite bashing Justin Blackmon for pissing away his earnings when he's outta the league.

I guess what I'm saying is that Reilly and everyone else in the service industry can quit their belly aching.

PS- Now cue the service industry crowd bashing me because I was never a waiter so I don't know anything and then continuing to say all Indians are cheap and smelly. 

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