Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well deserved. It's universally known that everyone likes Durant and he's an exceptional ball player. Nothing really to add.

Except for the fact that this is the worst thing that can possibly happen for me. We're all happy for Durant but this is going to light a fire under LeBron's ass. He's already playing at a freakish level because it's the playoffs but make no mistake about it... he is FUMING that he didn't win this MVP.

Guys, have you seen the Heat lately? They haven't lost yet in these playoffs and the teams that were supposed to at least give them a run for their money have looked remarkably vulnerable.

You got the likes of Indiana where ol Roy is messin' around and putting up eggs across the stat line.

OKC just got their bread buttered in game 1 and went 7 with a Memphis team that barely squeeked into the playoffs.

San Antonio had to go 7 as well but I still got confidence in them because of their championship pedigree.

Regardless, Durant winning MVP is no good because now LeBron is gonna demolish everything in sight. Also wouldn't be surprised if the refs continue to give him every single call. "Poor Bron didn't win the MVP, I'll give him this 4 point play at the end of regulation to make up for it."

Also, if you had any doubt while reading this if LeBron was actually upset about not winning MVP take a gander at this:

Soooo the team lost an individual award?

And look, I know you need to be on a good team in order to win MVP but the Heat and Thunder were separated by 5 games so you can spare me.

PS- Anyone seeing these commercials for the LeBron app on Samsung? Makes me physically ill just thinking of the idiots that are actually downloading this junk and enjoying it.

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