Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Smart Decision

     Now that Golden State has decided to offer 2 NBA All-Stars, a 1st round pick, and half of San Francisco for Kevin Love, I think it's time we start considering what the C's should do with the 6th overall pick. Assuming that Embiid (despite injury), Jabari, Wiggins, Exum, and Vonleh are gone in the top 5, that leaves the Celtics with a choice between Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, and Aaron Gordon. And lets be honest, maybe these guys aren't the hottest chicks at the bar, but each one of them could develop into wifey material. But we have a log jam at Forward so Randle would be a tough fit, especially with Sullinger developing, and Gordon is a freak athlete who can't shoot the pill yet. With all due respect for Randle and Gordon, I think Marcus Smart is the choice here, and let me tell you why:

Pro Smart: 

     First of all, the guys a monster, and we all saw that in not only his freshman year at OK ST, but his sophomore year as well. But I'm not just going to give you my personal opinions about how I think he is the best competitor in the draft with Dwayne Wade-esque potential, I'm going to hit you with some stone cold facts.

Marcus Smart Stats vs. Ranked Teams: (9 games)

23.0 ppg, 5.4 reb, 2.5 stl

     Averaging 5 more points per game than your season average against ranked opponents gets Skard all sorts of hot and bothered. Not to mention, for a guard, this guy eats boards like its nobodys business. And yes he was suspended this past year which would normally cause concern about his character and maturity, but if some red neck started chirping me at work, you bet your sweet cheeks I'd lose my mind as well. I think it should also be noted that Smart is from Flower Mound, Texas. FLOWER MOUND! Christ, can you get any cuter! You can't have character issues from Flower Mound, you just can't.

Pro Dumb:

     It can't be all rainbows and butterflies with the 6th pick, thats just not the way the world works. So here is the Celtics issue; they already have an all-star point guard. Rondo has recently become the C's captain and face of the franchise. Combine that with Danny Ainges patience rivaling a toddlers on christmas morning and we have a less than ideal scenario. Critics will say we don't need another point guard, even though we need just about every position on the floor right now.

     So the Celtic fan simpletons will come out in droves saying "build around Rondo" and "trade the pick for a starter". My god you're dumb. Take a look at the conference finals this year and tell me what you see. 3 of the 4 teams (Spurs, Thunder, Pacers) were homegrown teams who had patience and became perennial contenders. The other team sold their soul for LeBron. It's incredible how many fans just want to be like the Knicks and diminish their assets for an average team.

     No, the Celtics will not be contenders next year if they draft Marcus Smart and say Zach Lavine with the 17th pick. But Smart is going to be a STUD in the NBA and let's be realistic for a second, Rome wasn't built in a day. And I love the Celtics outlook if we have this lineup moving forward with 2 first rounders from now until there's peace in the Middle East:

PG: Marcus Smart
G:   Zach Lavine
SF:  Jeff Green
PF:  Jared Sullinger
C:    Next years top draft pick (Jahlil Okafor perhaps?)

P.S.     Since the Kings are looking to trade their 8th overall pick for an All-Star caliber player to pair with Boogie Cousins, maybe they would entertain this:

    *Celtics get 8th overall and draft Aaron Gordon. Bam. Dream scenario complete.

...with that said I'm pretty much willing to accept any scenario that involves us keeping the pick and drafting any one of these future savages.

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