Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Billy Freaking Beane

So sick of this guy. It's been over 10 years since Moneyball was the big thing, and here is old Billy still kicking every other GM's ass all over the place, most notably GM's named Epstein and Cherington. I still continue to cringe daily when I open up the Athletics box score from the night before, and see that they won thanks to healthy contributions at the plate from Brandon Moss and Jed Lowrie (which happens basically every night). Occasionally Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp join in the fun as well. In case you are not a Sox fan, or just straight up 'ignant', yes, these guys all played for the Red Sox, were all extremely undervalued players, and then ended up on the Athletics, either directly or indirectly, mostly in terrible trades.

                                                             Oh what could have been!

Don't even try to tell me we couldn't use those players now. The Sox just gave Stephen Drew's glove 10 million dollars, and in the process completely hindered the development of our 21 year old SS of the future by moving him to 3rd. Any idea of how this mess would shake down if we still had Lowrie? He would be a dude and move to 3rd base, while continuing to demolish left handed pitching, because that's just the kind of guy he is. Meanwhile, Moss and his 15 big flies would be at 1st base currently with Napoli out, but oh no, what do we do when Napoli comes back? Oh yeah, Moss plays outfield too. Later Hacksaw Gomes, the pine is waiting. Reddick could provide us with much needed outfield depth (later Carp! - he really deserves his own article he is so pathetic) and don't even try to tell me Coco wouldn't be the perfect mentor to our young JBJ. It just makes too much sense. Plus this lineup would suck:

3B Lowrie
SS Bogaerts
2B Pedroia
DH Ortiz
1B Napoli
LF Moss
RF Victorino
C  Pierzynski
CF Bradley Jr.

Meanwhile, the Athletics continue to win baseball games and finish 1st in the AL West with these former Red Sox. God damn it. What infuriates me is how does Beane continue to find value in players that nobody else seems to notice? Everyone should know what he does; I read Moneyball so I know. In essence: fat, old or ugly guys can still hit the ball and get on base. If I were Beane I'd just keep taking talented Red Sox guys that they for some reason don't care about (See: Nava, Daniel), then find one diamond in the rough like Donaldson, keep the rotation stocked with young arms, and boom! 1st place AL West. It's too easy for him. Plus he gets to play the "We are poor and can't afford anyone good" sympathy card, which makes him look even better. What a dog.

Keep on killing it Billy. We're all playing checkers and your just over there saying Checkmate.

PS: The more I think about it, the more I'm sure. Daniel Nava will become an Athletic. It's inevitable.


  1. In those 10 years since Moneyball became a thing, the Sox won 3 World Series and the A's have yet to make a World Series appearance...

  2. Not saying money doesn't have its role in the MLB, but as far as doing more with less you can't fault Beane. Also was mostly looking at this season. I did leave out trading Moss & prospects for Jason Bay at the time was probably a good move.