Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miguel Olivo Is Back Baby

Leave it to Olivo to bring me out of my sabbatical. I used to love this guy. Feisty Dominican catcher who will hit you 16-20 bombs and bat anywhere below .250. Unfortunately, his talents have recently been wasted in AAA Albuquerque, but that doesn't stop ole Miguel from adding a little fire to the Dodgers organization. Nope, Miguel saw that the Dodgers needed a spark after losing 7 of their last 12, so he did what needed to be done: He bit a Cuban guys ear off.

The victim of Olivo's motivational bite was a 2013 Cuban defector, Alexander Guerrero. Apparently, the two got into it during a mound visit, and it carried over into the dugout. From there, Olivo reached into his bag of tricks to send a statement up the Big League Level--A Holyfield type bite.

Now, the motivation for this bite is not known. Perhaps it was a shot at current Dodgers catchers AJ Ellis and Drew Butera that Miguel is hungry for their job. Perhaps it was a symbolic statement that not all Cuban defectors are safe in the Dodgers organization. I don't know. But what I do know is that Miguel Olivo is a man who overflows with passion. In 2007, he attacked Jose Reyes. In 2010, he passed a kidney stone in the 8th inning of a game only to return to the same game later. In 2013, he just walked out on the Marlins in spite. And now, ole Miguel is taking his Cuban ears raw with a side of motivation. Consider the Dodgers organization to be on notice. There is not a catcher or Cuban who should feel safe. It's Olivo time, baby.

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