Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Russel Martin Challenges Maldonado to Charity Boxing Match

Remember that brawl on Sunday in the Pirates-Brewers game? The MLB handed down the first punishment today, and it deservedly went to the guy that threw that ridiculous haymaker, Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado. But that doesn't mean justice is finished being served to the big Puerto Rican catcher.  Yesterday, Pirates catcher Russell Martin did this:

Can't say I'm surprised that Russell Martin threw this out there. If you watch the fight video again, you can see that Russell Martin is one of those guys that has to be "held back" during fights. Nothing worse than the "hold me back" guy. Literally had nothing to do with this fight other than protecting his pitcher, and sure enough he is the one being dragged into the dugout by his buddy. No doubt he spent the rest of the day pacing in the clubhouse mumbling about how he could beat the shit out of Maldonado, or how he used to wrestle back in the day, or how if Maldonado did that "where he grew up…then this would be a different story."

So yes, this was expected. 5 foot 10 stocky men with lined-up hair cuts don't just try to be tough guys, they have a duty to be tough guys. When you walk into that barber shop and tell Frank to give you a "zero fade but line it tight"*, you know EXACTLY the type of life your signing up for. Overreactions, exaggerated stories and size-too-small shirts become your code. That is why I respect Russell Martin for challenging Maldonado. I respect men who adhere to their code. Omar Little and his Robin Hood/gangster code. The Hound and his murder young boys, but never steal code. And now Russell Martin. I respect them all, and I wish Russell the best of luck in beating the buttermilk out of a man who  thinks it is appropriate to storm into a baseball fight throwing punches like it's a Royal Rumble. The only people allowed to actually fight in baseball fights are the players that started the conflict. The role of the bench is to jog out, stretch the legs, and give the illusion of protection. Nothing more, nothing less. That's my code.

*I have no clue if that is what you say in that situation. For me, it's just "High and tight. Light on the tight" then I proceed to not say a word to the SportsClips lady and just watch ESPN.

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