Sunday, April 20, 2014

Newsflash: The Pacers Suck

 What a hideous performance in Game 1. This team may not admit it to the media but they broke their backs trying to get the 1 seed. And for what? Giving it away in the first game of the playoffs... to a team that is sub .500... WITHOUT HORFORD... disgusting. For anyone who thinks they will challenge the Heat I would tell you to go back to sleep. No shot this Pacers squad wins 4 games against Miami.

Most people outside of South Florida hate Miami and LeBron... but get real... after the past 2 NBA finals performances it's impossible to say LeBron and that team is weak. They're unreal. I hate them, but they are GREAT. The Heat could be an 8 seed with their roster and I would still take them to represent the East in the finals.

But this isn't about waxing Miami's marbles, it's about the glaring weaknesses of Indy. Too many to point out, and I'm too tired to point them all out.

But for me, I'm calling curtains on Indiana... maybe they'll beat Atlanta but LeBron and company will butter their bread if they ever play.

Honestly, the only team in the east that can challenge Miami is Chicago. And that will probably end in 5 or 6.

At the end of the day, if you ask anyone who Indiana's best player is they will say Paul George... but they're wrong... Lance Stephenson is. You can't win titles if Lance Stephenson is your best ball player. Not gonna happen.

Brace yourself for a Spurs/Heat rematch or an OKC/Heat rematch.

Leslie Knope is pissed.

PS- Jeff Teague hit em with that night night

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