Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mike Woodson Seems To Be Handling Unemployment Quite Well

Good for Mike Woodson. Haven't seen him smile in years. But, I suppose that's what happens when you're head coach of the Knicks. The life force just gets sucked completely out of you.

Guy literally looks like he's on cloud 9 right now. No longer does he have to put up with Melo telling him to shut up. No longer does he have to coach the fattest and laziest piece of junk, Raymond Felton. No longer does he have to take orders from quite possibly the biggest moron in the NBA, James Dolan.

Nah, instead Mike will hop in a limo full of New York's finest jersey chasers and prostitutes with some booze and a cigar and call it a career. Sit back, enjoy your guaranteed money and blow it all on these whores. Lord knows you've earned it.

PS- Mike Woodson's facial expressions will never get old... he epitomizes the term "dumbfounded"

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