Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Marc Andre Fleury: Tales Of A Mental Midget

     Real talk for a second, is Ray Shero the biggest idiot on the planet? Year after year the Penguins are regular season heroes with 2 of the top 5 players in the league, but this clown refuses to put a goalie with some stones between the pipes. How do you not address this issue?!? Every playoff game the Pens have to deal with the storyline of "Will Fleury get pulled?" which must be exhausting for the fan base. And here we go again tonight with Pitt beatin' that Blue Jacket ass in the wasteland that is Columbus, but they come back to win because.....Fleury crapped his pants. I'm beginning to think that nobody in the history of hockey hates the post-season more than this chooch.

Quick Stats:

Goals Against Average:       Regular Season       v      Playoffs
                    2011-2012             2.36 gaa                      4.63 gaa
                    2012-2013             2.39 gaa                      3.51 gaa

                    2013-2014             2.37 gaa                      3.50 gaa


     Marc Andre Fleury is the type of guy who can talk to any girl at the bar, but when it comes time to take her home he chokes on his words and ruins the whole vibe. He's the type of guy who asks to be the little spoon. He's the guy who will order a salad when the boys are ordering pizza. He's the guy that prefers watching The Good Wife instead of Game of Thrones. For christ sakes Shero, release this fairy before Crosby decides to concuss himself and end his misery. God damn the French are pussies, what a pathetic breed.

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