Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Sick Of Pop Embarrassing Reporters

Look, I love Gregg Popovich. I think he's one of the best basketball minds ever. Hell, he may even be a better coach than Phil Jackson, but I'm so sick and tired of him embarrassing reporters and having everyone blindly laugh at his arrogance.

I understand short and concise answers but he literally gives one word responses. He stares David Aldridge in the face and an awkward silence follows. Everyone I know hoots and hollers and says "Oh man, Pop is hilarious! He just took a steaming dump on that reporter! He's so real!" My question is why does he do it?

Is it because he lost to a coach last year that probably doesn't know the difference between the elbow and the block? Or perhaps it's because his face has craters like the moon. Maybe it's because his mouth hasn't seen the bristles of a toothbrush in a year or so.

Whatever the reason I think it's stupid that he not only humiliates these reporters but that he has legions of idiots who think it's hilarious. Watch that video, you'll hear every reporter start laughing at one of their own, just waiting for this old prick to feast on him.

Hey Pop, that was a serious question! Riddle me this you old bag: how come in the Western Conference finals every single game you've played has been a blowout? Your own Hall of Fame forward said it's been the craziest series of his life. It's not like this reporter asked an absurd question. Just answer it without trying to get laughs. The only thing I will say though is that the reporter should have shut up after he asked the question. It's a tough pause to deal with but the first person to talk is the weakest. Just sit there and be like "yes, I am serious, now answer the damn question." Rather simple really. Instead he just puked all over himself trying to backtrack.

Oh and I love everyone who says Sager is the only guy who can handle Pop. That's not true... he's just taken the most crap from him. One of these wild card sideline reporters needs to pepper him with questions. Just rapid fire because what makes all of these hyenas cackle at him is the awkward silences. He hits you with a one word response and then there's like 5 seconds of the reporter gargling on his own mucus.

Get me a mic and I'll tame this scrooge.

PS- Pop offends all 5 of my senses. Taste included.

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