Monday, April 14, 2014

Why College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid

     So the notion of college athletes getting paid is gaining steam around the nation and I for one think it's absurd. From Northwestern football unionizing to Shabazz "He Hungry" Napier complaining about his belly hurting at night, athletes are beginning to unite on the matter. Now let me start off by saying I understand that these players make their schools a shit ton of money and they "work" over 50 hours a week. If the issue was that simple I wouldn't give a rats ass and would move on with my life. So without further ado, here is my case against paying these animals.

     First things first, the biggest obstacle this issue will face is the demon that is Title IX. Everybody knows that college basketball/football are the money makers, but with Obama's new initiative of 'Equal Pay for Equal Work' fresh in America's mind, there is ZERO chance that only the male players will end up with money. Not only will Title IX groupies want a piece of that succulent pie, but the other non-profit sports like volleyball, swimming, soccer, dodgeball, etc. will start their bitching and moaning for equality. Do you want your kids growing up in a world where the guy down the hall shaving his butt cheeks to shed .01 seconds off his butterfly is getting paid, while your kid studies his ass off to pass a course that won't mean jack squat in the real world?  I didn't think so.
     Secondly, I think some people forget that we are talking about sports here. Not professional sports, collegiate sports. As a 24 year old washed up athlete, I pay around $200 just to play one basketball game/week for 10 weeks. So lets dive into what they are asking to get 'paid' for. Is it the time they need to spend in the gym each week? Because us regular folk also have to pay for that priviledge. Is it the practice time or game time that they play? We have to pay for that too. Are people forgetting that there are other alternatives to college that these kids could go and make money while they wait for eligibility (ie. European Leagues, Canadian football)? These snakes not only get free housing, food, travel, tutoring, books, and most of all TUITION, but now we need to pay them for being the stars of campus who get more female attention than a buzzfeed post about the 90's.

  These guys need to stop playing the 'woe is me' card because nobody is buying it. If you don't want to get a free college education (average value of $135,000*) and play a sport then I have a solution for you, quit. Quit and find that job you need so badly, because that's what every other kid in America is doing. While the rest of us pay our steep student loans off from 4 years of studying to get a floppy piece of paper, I am not going to feel an ounce of guilt that you weren't in the positive come graduation. Grow up.


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